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1873 : The Bollée's "Obéissante"

In 1833, a certain Dr Church of Birmingham tempted to make a regular service between Oxford and Birmingham, and with the support of an optimist association. The car of Church was a 3 wheels to ‘decor rococo ' gone up on elastic rims that could flatten to the contact of soil to avoid to either penetrate to slip while skating. The capacity was 50 passengers.

The car only made two apparitions to do two kid journeys of which an ended behind horses. Of it spaces it of some months, the company made know «that all trouble inherent ses to cars to steams having been solved, the service on plain road was going to make itself for the biggest profit of promoters».

One advised the society in place to brag, to finally put a car on the road. Thing that was made, but cars fell all the time in breakdown.