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Shelby Jerod


Shelby Jerod

b : 11/03/1968

 Jerod O. Shelby is the founder of the American supercar automobile manufacturer Shelby Super Cars.

 1991-2001 Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc., Richland, WA. Jerod Shelby was a co-founder of a medical device company, AIT. Mr. Shelby was the lead Product Design Engineer, managing all aspects of the mechanical and ergonomics design, component fabrication and testing, as well as coordinating final assembly and regulatory compliance.

 Standard auto companies design a concept and 3D renderings/sketches, and then try to raise money to finance the production. Next, they make a claim on power and performance and try to match the development of the car to meet those claims. SSC’s philosophy differs completely from most companies. Jerod creates a finished product before announcing it to the public, avoidingissues that arise due to chasing claims.

 SSC has plans for a 220+ mph 4-door luxury sports sedan as well as green technology for future designs.

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