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Welcome to the home of vintage and classic car enthusiasts. This website is the online home of all people who just plain love older cars, car parts, or anything to do with cars really!. Whether you have an eye for a 1957 Ferrari, Chevys from the 1960’s, or you’re just looking for information on exclusive car parts (check out 247spares), this website is for you. We offer all sorts of vintage classic car wallpapers as well as the history of specific car lines and models that have appeared in the golden age of automotive design and manufacturing.

We also feature specific profiles of cars that we feel vintage and retro car fans would appreciate. Finally, we also have car enthusiast forums so car fans from all four corners of the globe can share their thoughts, share news, as well as resources, that would enable people to appreciate all sorts of vintage and classic car collections.

Why are we so hung up on vintage cars?

Why are we so hung up on vintage cars? Why build a website on vintage and classic cars with all sorts of retro looks? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. The best cars ever made are vintage cars.

You have to understand that cars are historic artifacts. Their design and their construction are simply recordings of the state of automotive technology and science at that point in time. They also reflect market realities. Meaning, people’s aspirations as well as definitions of what makes a great car is highlighted and contained in the form these amazing vintage cars take.

Think of them as 3D recordings of people’s hopes, dreams, aspirations, and essentially best plans for a better life. We’re not reading too much into cars because you can see in the historical record that a lot of people project their world view into car designs. This is not just theoretical or speculative stuff. This is the real deal.

We are, after all, both cultural and historical creatures. We cannot help but live and think based on our particular segment of history. This is why it’s quite unfair to judge people from the past with today’s standards.

Why are vintage cars so culturally important?

The interesting thing about evaluating any kind of cultural or social artifact is that you have to always go back to the fact that when people are thinking a certain way and they’re going through a certain experience, this impacts everything they do. This impacts the art that they produce, this impacts the food that they consume, and you can bet that this also has a role to play in how the cars they drive are designed.

That’s why it’s fundamentally unfair to apply today’s design standards and other sensibilities to historic periods because we have to review them and deal with them based on their parameters. We have to approach them based on their terms.

Standards always change. As society evolves and as history marches ever forward, the way people think about all sorts of issues are prone to change. In fact, the only thing that is constant is change.

Histomobile.com is built on the solid foundation that we appreciate vintage and classic cars on their own merits. We try not to read too much into them. Instead, we look at their historical context and appreciate them based on that particular segment of history.

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Sure, a lot of our appreciation is purely stylistic in nature. There is a distinct grace in the lines of a Chevy Impala. This withstands the test of time. This is quite classic. But as much as actual cultural judgments are concerned, we try to hold off on judgments. With all that said, keep in mind that each automobile line is both an economic as well as an artistic and mechanical decision. After all, the products a factory produces is partly dictated by the state of the art of manufacturing technology at that particular point.

You have to understand that if you can dream of some sort of super car or dream car now, you can bet that car designers in the past have probably come up with those same dreams. The problem is, they were held back by the tools that existed at that time. This is why we look at each automobile line as its own distinct commentary. Not only on how it actually panned out as well as historical influences, we also look at the way a car looks based on the state of the technology back then.

We just can’t help but express our enthusiasm for everything vintage and classic. Of course, the word “classic” is ultimately subjective because what is ageless and timeless for one person might be completely generic and banal to somebody else. Still, we stand by the classic delineation because a lot of these cars do reach a consensus. Regardless of which car critic you ask, a lot of them would say that these designs, as well as models, are classics in their own right.

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We just can't help but express our enthusiasm for everything vintage and classic. Of course, the word "classic" is ultimately subjective because what is ageless and timeless for one person might be completely generic and banal to somebody else.

Car History

We feature different cars here and you can bet that you will have a lot of historical information to sort through. In fact, we may have gone overboard and feed you too much information. Still, we are firm believers.

Automotive Profiles

Different car models have different histories. Feel free to browse through the different automotive profiles featured here so you can expand your knowledge base regarding these automotive works of art.

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Different car models are produced by different companies. These companies have their own legends. They have their own specific corporate narratives. We share these with you because they provide some level of context to the cars manufactured.

Vintage Auto Forums

As mentioned above, our website acts as a network center for all car enthusiasts from the four corners of the globe. Whether you’re big into Chevys or you’re a big Maserati or Ferrari fan, there is a sub-forum here for you.

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